Friends or Classmates Referral

Use your referral code and refer 3 friend or classmate to win £5 Amazon gift voucher. After you complete your 3 referrals, we will email you the Amazon voucher code within 1 week so you can enjoy your prize.

Also, there is no limit for referring, you could invite up to 15 friends or classmates to get up to £15 Amazon voucher.

Student Name University/College Name Referral Code Number of Students Joined Number of vouchers WON
Ashley liz University of Brighton 3fdxz 3 One £5 Amazon voucher
Neda Khademiyan University of Brighton 6dsz 3 One £5 Amazon voucher
Hamed Mahjorian University of Sussex 9csz8 3 One £5 Amazon voucher
Emily Jan University of Brighton 9csz8 3 One £5 Amazon voucher